Holiday Gift Guide: Aromatic Gifts

Tranquil Space Lavender Aromatherapy Spray

$10 – Bring TS to anyone, anywhere with the calming fragrance of lavender

Paddywax Travel Candle

$5 – Give any space wonderful mood lighting and smelling wonderful by using one of these great travel candles on your next trip.

Surya Incense

$3 – Made with a traditional Indian blend of Ayurvedic herbs and aromatic extracts to create the finest incense.

China Gel

$16-$22 – A favorite of Dibora & other teachers. Great for rubbing on sore muscles, aches and pains.

Screen Printed Candle

$32 – I love these new candles! smelly yummy, look divine, and crafted by a fellow mid-westerner! – Kimberly Wilson

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