Yogi of the Month – Lisa Calandriello

I began my journey in yoga seeking another way to help keep fit and reduce stress and quickly learned that yoga would be more than just that. As my practice began to develop, I found that yoga brings me clarity of mind, mindfulness, and relaxation, with the added benefits of a physically fit and toned body and a reduced stress level. I have to thank a college classmate, who I reconnected with at Yoga on the Mall this past May and a teacher from Tranquil Space, who I met on the metro platform on the way home that day for helping bring me into the Tranquil Space community. I came to my first class at TS in July, when I was seeking to add some variety to my practice. Two days later, I bruised my tailbone after falling down some stairs when leaving a class at another studio. The ER doctor told me I could continue to practice yoga, but had to modify my practice to avoid putting pressure on my tailbone. Three days later, I became a regular at TSA, where I instantly felt connected to the community. I spent my first month introducing myself to all my new teachers and sharing the story of my injury. My teachers helped me modify my practice so that I could continue to receive the benefits of yoga without pain or further injury, and kept me coming back to my mat. I’m all healed now, but know that yoga and the TS community helped me recover as fast as I did. In the last 5 months, I’ve enjoyed many a tea and cookies after class in the studio, made many friends, and have continued to deepen my practice. I have learned to work within my limitations, but also to recognize when it’s appropriate to challenge them.

This holiday season being part of the TS community is one of the many things I am thankful for. Tranquil Space quickly became my yoga home and I hope to be a part of the community for a long time. I look forward to having many opportunities in the new year to continue to deepen my practice, to make more new friends, to share my practice with others, and to continue learning whenever I can. Thank you for being such a great community.

Happy Holidays! Namaste.

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