Tranquil Space Boutique – Your Gift Giving Destination

My job as the boutique manager is lots of fun. I get to go shopping and search for new merchandise, open the boxes of as they arrive to the store, interact with all the wonderful people and contribute to the experience that is a part of Tranquil Space. It is equally important to keep our customers informed about what is going on in the boutique and ways to keep it fresh and new.

At Tranquil Space we pride ourselves in providing wonderful yoga, blissful spa treatments, one-of-a-kind ambiance and excellent customer service. I have been asked countless times how items are chosen for the boutique. We select high quality yoga gear and accessories, eco friendly gifts, clothing and cards from individuals as well as companies whose philosophies align with ours. As mentioned in the results of our retail survey, affordability is very high on our list of priorities. We try our best to keep this in mind when choosing new vendors. Each purchase contributes to a small business, an established company or an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit.

I am currently working on promotional materials that touch on the vision of the boutique and inform yogis and shoppers about the value of the choices made in our space. Please continue to send in your suggestions and comments as they inform us on how to make the Tranquil Space boutique your gift giving destination during the holiday season and year round.

One thought on “Tranquil Space Boutique – Your Gift Giving Destination

  1. Lay

    November 2, 2010 at 11:19pm

    Love your goals/criteria as a buyer(?)…affordability is definitely key but it also feels good when we know what we purchase from TranquilSpace is in some way (however small) making a contribution for a better world.

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