Team Player of the Month – Laarni Reyes

The main highlight of my life for 2010 was being a part of the Tranquil Space Team. My story started in January when a friend of mine and his partner decided to give me a gift certificate for my birthday. They felt like I needed to take yoga class to help me chill. Failed relationships one after another whether romantic or not can take a toll to anyone and I must admit I was in the dark that time. I began feeling the effectiveness of breathing and getting inspired by the reflection given by Melissa Van Orman at the end of each class. The were couple of times the reflection reading would hit me and I would secretly cry myself in savasana. Then I thought to use up my free time productively so I applied as a studio assistant. Now I work behind the desk every Thursday night as a tranquil Space concierge. Every time I would come to my shift I never think of it like any other part time job. It is a service for my Tranquil Space community, my personal haven, a place to keep me grounded, to check my ego, to be surrounded by genuine & kindred people who inspired me to be a better person.

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