Yogi of the Month – Betty Welsh

I started my yoga journey a couple of years ago. Initially I was looking for more flexibility. As I continued to take classes and find my way to Tranquil Space, I realized there was a lot more to yoga than I had imagined. There was a change going on inside my body as well as outside. As I became more aware of the balance and peace evolving from yoga into my life, I found a strong desire to share this with others. So I started teacher training. I’m very excited to be a part of TT2 and learn how to empower others to reconnect with themselves, create balance and find health through yoga. Yoga has brought me an inner peace and wholeness I wasn’t aware of before, and for that I have Tranquil Space to thank! The teachers & entire staff at Tranquil Space provide an atmosphere that is so warm and inviting that it nurtures you to your core.

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