Introducing Cocoyogini Glass Mala Necklaces

If you know anything about Tranquil Space yogis, you know that we cater to an amazing group of people from all backgrounds and talents. One of those talented people is Carol Meyers. She’s a sweet soul, blogger, supporter of the TS community, and entrepreneur.

We are featuring Carol’s hand knotted glass mala necklaces in the boutique. Made with 108 beautiful glass pearls and faceted crystals that sparkle in the light.

What is a mala? After a little research I found out the word mala means garland. It is used to keep count while chanting or repeating a mantra. Malas may be made from various materials including gold, silver, crystals, sandalwood and other seeds. Carol’s Cocoyogini necklaces come in ivory, pink and black glass pearls.

Why does the necklace contain 108 pearls? There are numerous answers to this question. My favorite explanation is that in traditional Buddhist belief, people have 108 afflictions. Six senses, multiplied by three reactions(positive, negative or indifferent), making 18 feelings. Each feeling can be attached or detached from pleasure, making 36 passions. All may manifest in the past, present of future. All combinations adding up to 108. Did you follow that?(6x3x2x3=108)

Be sure to take a look at Carol’s display on the Eiffel Tower in the boutique and try on one of her beautiful handmade creations. You can also check out Carol’s blog at

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