Frolic into Fall: October Muse

“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus
Welcome to October and Happy 11 years Tranquil Space!
Today begins with crisp cool air and fallen leaves thanks to the rain over the past two days. Perfect autumn experience. This season beckons reflection and a deep desire to retreat as we begin to don layer upon layer. Let’s welcome the chance to slow down.
A big thanks to Tim Mooney for handling last month’s muse while I recovered from my second surgery of the year. Apparently my thumb joint was grossly misaligned and the surgeon blames it on an old injury. Going through a second surgery shortly after getting the approval to return to the mat after March’s rotator cuff surgery, plus donning a pink cast for the past month, has been a continuous practice of patience and letting go. The stationary bike has become my friend.
As part of my second year of Master’s in Social Work studies, I now have a part-time internship at N Street Village and am loving the experience. Working in an organization other than Tranquil Space for the first time in over a decade has been educational on many levels. However, I’m still struggling to balance TranquiliT, Tranquil Space, Tranquil Space Foundation, writing, teaching, and studying with care giving for my beloved pets and human relationships. I’m sure you, too, know that struggle! 
Life is busy and this season gives us a chance to slow it all down. Consider canceling plans and staying in with a good book. Head to the Shenandoah mountains for a hike. Bike through Rock Creek park and carry a picnic. Nap under the canopy of falling leaves. Camp under the stars and make smores (yum!). Indulge in restorative or yummy yin yoga to balance out your vinyasa practice. Savor a soak in the tub.

Tranquil Space turns 11 years old this month and it’s been such an incredible journey. From a deep desire to create community while hovering around a fireplace sipping homemade chai tea in my living room to our two locations in Dupont Circle and Arlington, I like to call the ongoing journey our “tranquilosophy.” 

May you indulge in a dose of tranquilosophy this month by indulging in the art of slowing down, being fully present with everyone you meet, taking deep breaths each day, and finding opportunities within life’s struggles. The practice of yoga continues well beyond our sticky mat.

Tranquilly yours,

The above image was sent to me from a teleclass participant who art journaled my top 8 tips for the new season. 
It was so beautiful I had to share. Enjoy!

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