Yogi of the month – Tiffany Blair

After traveling full-time for over three years straight for work, my lifestyle had begun to take a significant toll on my physical and mental state. Not only was I feeling incredibly disconnected from my friends, family and community in DC, but I was experiencing the typical symptoms of being over-worked and over-stressed – weight gain, headaches, anxiety. Realizing that I could not continue on this path without making significant changes in how I was managing my life, I began researching options and knew yoga was something I wanted to explore. I stumbled upon Kimberly’s Hip Tranquil Chick at the bookstore and just adored the book and the message it conveyed. Once I realized that Kimberly and her studio were based in DC, I couldn’t wait to take a class at Tranquil Space.

I’ve now been practicing at the studio for about two years and can see how the benefits of being part of the Tranquil Space community have impacted every aspect of my life. I’ve grown physically stronger and healthier, learning to be more mindful how I treat my body. All of my past symptoms of stress have faded away. In my daily life, I’ve grown more patient and learned to utilize the lessons learned in yoga to manage daily stress and craziness. Tranquil Space has also expanded my circle of friends in the DC area as I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful, like-minded yogis. I am truly grateful to the Tranquil Space teachers and staff for providing the opportunities to grow my practice and find the balance that was much needed in my everyday life.


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