sprinkles of tranquility

Hello from the woods of West Virginia.

Despite laboring on Labor Day, I love taking steps back to reflect on inserting sprinkles of tranquility into my world. After all, I’ve done my best to create a life around the concept of tranquility. As a self-diagnosed type A whose acupuncturist once proclaimed “thank goodness you do yoga, imagine what you’d be like without it!,” I know the importance of savoring doses of being among the doing.

When the studio began as “Yoga at Kimberly’s” in my 4th floor walk-up in 1999, I knew it needed a better name. Something that evoked a feeling, an emotion, a sensation. Thus, Tranquil Space. Since then, I’ve tried to carry the theme into all my creations and, ideally, my everyday.

Here are a few of my favorite ways (plus links with additional sources – yay!) to ensure I have daily sprinkles of tranquility:

* sipping zen tea doused with agave nectar each morning
* surrounding simple pleasures: fresh flowers, soy candles, incense, plants
* daily yoga: sun salute, quick legs up the wall, yin yoga (dragon is my fave!)
* expressions of gratitude
* music: love, love, love setting up pandora stations to match my mood
* creative play: latest passion is art journaling/inspiration boards
* penning my thoughts via blog, journal, snail mail, or notecards
* sitting on my damask meditation cushion
* working to make a difference in sOMeone’s day: quick “thinking of you” email, sponsoring an animal, planning a chariTea event
* striving to practice nonviolent cOMmunication
* bookstore browsing
* seeing a matinee solo
* perusing inspiring magazines such as the ones in the photo above
* savoring a flaky croissant topped with fresh jam

How do you find sprinkles of tranquility in your busy day? Yes, I know kids, jobs, pets, deadlines, renovations, injuries, school – life in general can leave little down time, but I challenge you to savor simple pleasures this month.

After all, you, as much as anyone else, deserve daily sprinkles of tranquility!


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