Prenatal Massage Bliss with Konomi

Ever since I joined tranquil space on April, I have been enjoying working at the spa as a massage therapist. Tranquil Space spa is very cozy and comfortable, and I feel so relaxed giving massage to clients. Recently, I took another step and got prenatal massage certification. I work with pregnant clients every week now.

I learned that prenatal massage can be very challenging because pregnant women’s bodies are different and some techniques can be contraindication for pregnancy yet it is very rewarding. I can see immediate changes and I know clients are very happy. Carrying a baby for 9 months is not easy at all! Even though every clients have different issues, most clients mention lack of sleep, back pain and leg cramps. Prenatal yoga can help to adjust physical changes during pregnancy, and prenatal massage can help to diminish specific pain due to physical and hormonal changes. I wish that I can be a help to easy pains and discomfort caused by pregnancy.

Konomi Kaji, LMT

To schedule a prenatal or swedish or deep tissue massage wtih Konomi on Sundays call the studio at 202.328.9642.

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