Elizabeth’s Gone Raw!

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw!

Life-threatening illnesses seem to have a way of making people reexamine their lives. In the case of my friend and fellow Tranquil Space yogini, Elizabeth Petty, this is great news for both you and me. For over 20 years, Elizabeth, a prominent Washington caterer, has been serving up the standard, high-end Washingtonian fare–creative and elegant, but rich in the meat, dairy, and dessert departments. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, however, Elizabeth put herself on a strict raw food diet, convinced that her body’s innate healing potential would benefit from the regimen. Now, just over a year later, a beautifully radiant and healthy-looking Elizabeth has merged her formidable catering talents with her in-depth knowledge of nutrition and raw foods to offer Washingtonians a long-overdue, fully raw menu with Elizabeth’s Gone Raw. The exquisite five-course meals are currently offered twice monthly in a beautifully intimate dining room at Elizabeth’s catering headquarters downtown.

I had the honor of attending the pre-opening “tasting” menu and was quite simply blown away by the creamy coconut soup topped with a cucumber, mango and radish salad, the yellow corn “tamale” served with sunflower-tomato jam, chunky avocado relish, and a bewitching mole and crème fraiche sauce. Next up was a creation of thinly sliced sheets of zucchini, layered with pine nut, ricotta, and basil pesto, garden heirloom tomatoes, and served with shaved fennel slaw (bye bye lasagna, hello zucchini heaven!). A quick palate-cleanser of sorbet followed (flavors, all heavenly, ranged from strawberry-ginger, to grapefruit-mint, to blueberry), after which the already amazing affair concluded with an even more amazing chocolate ganache tart with a quenelle of pecan puree and caramel sauce. (forget the long-winded name, folks–this was quite simply Nirvana in its purest form).

Elizabeth’s next dinners are scheduled for September 24, and October 8 and 29 (all Friday evenings). Because raw cuisine is time-consuming to prepare (think picking berries, sprouting grains and dehydrating nuts), Elizabeth needs an accurate guest count prior to the dinners, so reservations are required. To reserve your spot, email: reservations@elizabethsgoneraw.com or call 202-347-8349 or 202-347-8040. In your email, please specify guests’ names and a phone number where you may be reached. A member of Elizabeth’s staff will call to confirm all reservations. Additional details (as well as tantalizing photos) can be found on her website.

– by Danielle Polen

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    September 24, 2010 at 10:19pm

    Contrary to popular belief, all forms of life threatening illnesses can be cured if an individual changes their diet. Animal protein is the worse food, and illness such as the most extreme cancers can be cured. Just this year I became a Vegan and although I didn’t have any reason to do it other than reading, “The China Study” Everyone should share this book with anyone you know is sick, over weight, fatigueed, has high blood pressure/cholesterol. I can guarantee they will be cured! Congratulations to Elizabeth with exploring the most natural remedy to cure her illness. GOOD FOOD CHOICES. Medical doctors are clueless to how just changing diet can alter the effects of sickness.

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