teacher feature – siobhan troy-carranza

As I make it to the half way point of my second pregnancy I am reminded that babies (and kids) are great teachers. They embody what we in yoga strive to achieve, being the present moment always. Babies do not focus on what happened five minutes ago let alone what occurred last week. They want your attention, to be fed, or diaper changed right now. One of my neighbor friends told me that even though she was the VP of big non-profit her daughter did not care one hoot what or who she was in the workplace; what she needed was her in that moment.

The trick is while our fast paced lives must look to the future world is to remember that this moment in time is the only one we are guaranteed to have. So as we approach the end of summer enjoy the moments of the warm sun, the butterflies, the lightening bugs, the lady bugs, and the sound of crickets. Let yourself stop to wonder at the beauty that lies in our world that we are too often rushing past.


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  1. dave

    September 1, 2010 at 5:28pm

    Siobhan, how inspiring!

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