new york international gift fair

twice a year kimberly and i make a journey to the ‘big apple’ to make purchases for the boutique at the new york international gift fair. i look forward to these trips as they open my eyes to what’s out there and challenge me to bring on a new vendor or product. my idea was to bring you along on this trip so that you may understand what happens at the show.

the goal of these buying trips is to find new merchandise and reorder best sellers. the gift fair is held at the jacob javitz center, which is named after new york senator jacob k. javitz. the building has over 675,000 square feet of exhibition space and was recently renovated.
i hope you are ready to walk and packed your most comfortable walking shoes, because you are going to put your feet to the test. each aisle is filled with vendors from around the world, who have rented booth space showing the latest arrivals in their lines. anyone from large corporate names to small business owners are here with the hope of selling to retailers across the country and further.
boutique favorites such as papaya, curly girl, paddywax, earthlust and others are here to help us stock up for the final two quarters of the year. speaking of earthlust, i am very excited about the new designs of water bottles that are sure to be a hit. we also ordered more of the fantastic stainless steel bottle for children and replacement nipples. check out the pictures from the paddywax and earthlust booths.
one of my favorite things to do at the show is people watch. you have people from different backgrounds and cultures, how could it not be fun to people watch? as i was leaving one of the large aisles on the top floor of the convention center, i noticed a guy who was dressed rather snazzy. i could not let the opportunity pass, so i asked to snap a picture to share with my readers. here is ben of jonathan adler. ain’t he cute?
here is a product that was new to me. it’s called the vapur (the anti-bottle), which is a water bottle alternative. it’s made of bpa free plastic and can be rolled, folded or flatted when empty. you can even freeze your tasty beverage and have it cold when you arrive at your destination. i’ll have more information when i return, so stop me if you have any questions. what do you think of this new potential product? leave me a comment after the post. hope you have enjoyed our first day at the gift fair. more tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous

    August 17, 2010 at 5:12pm

    that ben is indeed very cute. what a dapper gent. he must be a brit! thanks for sharing.

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