new york international gift fair: the lost post

Did you enjoy the daily blog postings during the gift fair? Now that I am settled back in to my routine and recounting my adventures, I noticed that I still have more information to share with my readers.

You may have noticed from previous posts that I am very fond of Dogeared jewelry. Our restock of chakra necklaces recently arrived as well as a few items from the successful Eat, Pray, Love line. Take a gander at the beaded karma necklace and earrings or the three wishes necklaces in silver or gold the next time you are in the studio. Dogeared has plenty of other jewelry that I hope we can bring into the boutique for the fall gift giving season. Check out the pics below from their booth at the gift fair. A special shout out to Jennifer, who is the sweetest rep a guy could have. I had a chance to meet her finally while in New York.

As we approach the fall, we make our shift from shorts to pants. Be Present practice pants for men should arrive soon and a fuller cut pant called the movement pant. Ladies, I always have you in mind and hopefully you’ll like the colors of the agility pants that are coming soon.
I am constantly looking for cool items to stock in the boutique and ran across a cool water bottle made from glass and bamboo. More details will be forthcoming. Snacks are always a nice way to get a little energy before or after class. Keep your eyes peeled for healthy nuts from Colorado.
Talking to someone who regularly reads the blog, they reminded me that I had promised to take a picture of a fashionable woman during the gift show. I ran across a young lady who was decked out in a cute top that was made from aluminum soda tabs. Now that’s a recycling fashionista!

And what would a trip to New York be without one celebrity citing. After a long day of walking the expansive convention center, I met a friend for drinks. We met up at Columbus Circle in the Upper West Side. As we began to say our good-byes, we noticed a town car pulling up in front of the Time Warner building. Out walked two attractive African-American women. They strutted casually towards the shopping and office facility. I recognized one of the women as Gayle King. If you don’t know who she is, she’s Oprah’s bff. I unfortunately don’t have a picture of her, so you’ll have to take my word for it. She’s definitely prettier in person than on TV.
And that’s a wrap for this summer’s international gift fair. Hope you enjoyed the ride and will join Kimberly and me on our trip in January. Pack your parka.

Here’s the boutique picks for September: selections for men!

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