new york gift fair: day two

day two is now over and i am still sorting through the ailes, catalogs and other information that i have been gathering the past two days. my feet are feeling pretty good, but my brain on the other hand is full. i am missing my partner-in-buying, ms. wilson, but i am soldiering on.

sustainability and eco-consciousness are just as much a part of the gift fair as they are to us at the tranquil space boutique. there is a prominent display on the main floor of the javitz center that showcases some of the market’s top eco-friendly products. some include items we currently carry to new brand names we may want to get familiar with. everything from shoes down to housewares. i’ve included a sample below.
earthlust water bottles
kio kio soaps from new zealand
there is quite a bit of area yet to be covered. tomorrow i will venture to the new york piers where many more surprises await me. i am sorry to report there are no pictures of fabulous outfits to share today, but hopefully my luck will change tomorrow. i mean, who doesn’t love new york fashion?
today’s post is short and to the point. i feel i am still looking for the elusive perfect gift to add to the boutique offerings. after i digest everything that i have seen thus far i will give you the final report and what i discover at the piers.

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