yogi of the month – ellie ransom

i will be the first to admit that i came to yoga solely searching for a workout routine. i was fully skeptical of the spiritual side and the idea of yoga as a lifestyle. to me, an “om” was a measure of resistance, not a meditative chant. it was not until years later that i realized how lucky i was that tranquil space opened its new doors across the street from the back entrance to my apartment building at the exact time i was seeking out a studio.

it took just under two years for me to experience all of the benefits of a full yoga practice. during that time, tranquil space became a home for me. my body began to crave not only the physical aspects of yoga but the community of tranquil space. tranquil space offered me outlets for growth and exploration in practicing, teaching, breathing, eating and many other aspects of a yoga lifestyle. it became the place i went to clear my head when i was in the midst of making big decisions. i fell in love with certain teachers and their styles of practice. the teachers whose classes i regularly attended became people i could rely on to offer an hour and a half of guidance whenever i needed it. the friends i have made in this studio have become the biggest sources of encouragement in my life. this studio was the first place i always felt welcome in dc and it brightens my day every time i walk in. tranquil space is the place i go when i need to see a friendly or familiar face in an overwhelming city.

it is obvious that i ended up with so much more than just a workout.

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  1. Emily

    August 18, 2010 at 4:29am

    what an amazing story and person!!

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