thai massage

ah — summertime (read with porgy bess’ longing, drawn-out melody)! the washington post reminded me last weekend that it’s “half-time”, so half of this precious time is gone, but then again, the “second sequel” (as last week’s wp weekend section announced) is still to be lived (insert sigh of relief here).

somewhere (i honestly don’t recall where, so i hope this admission prevents me from getting sued for plagiarism) i recently read that summer is the time of freedom, the time to do things differently.

ever thought of getting a thai massage? eh, don’t know what it is?

well, the spa menu on the ts website can help you out: thai yoga bodywork is a healing art that is both dynamic and relaxing. it combines massage, assisted yoga poses, acupressure, and energy work to unblock energy, relieve tension, and increase our body’s natural ability to heal itself.

it’s a great thing to do, if you have never received a massage. for one, you can leave your clothes on :), but it’s also gentle and yet profound and i often hear from the front desk that people leave with a glow and a big smile on their face.

it’s a great thing to do, if you have always received regular (swedish/deep tissue) massages. for one, that smile and glow is not reserved exclusively for massage newbies and could be yours as well; but you may also enjoy the combination of bodywork with movement and different postures. and it will surely target this nagging tension in your shoulders and upper back as well.

so, maybe i’ll see some of you on the (thai yoga) mat soon?

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