team player of the month – khristyn brimmeier

as a type-a athlete with a little too much “pittsburgh” in her for her own good, for a long time i was a yoga skeptic, thinking it was just people sitting around humming with incense burning…that perspective changed greatly when a little over three years ago another tranquil spacer convinced me to go to class. i was immediately hooked. the yoga i found at tranquil space spoke to me, both on a physical and mental level, something i was in desperate need of at that time in my life. i jumped right in and 3 months into my practice spent a weekend at tt1 and have been practicing regularly ever since. i find now that when i have conversations with people about yoga i hear myself saying “i’m not sure how i ever functioned without it” or “i never realized how bad i felt before i did it” and it’s true. i can’t imagine my life without yoga or the community, both the students and my fellow team players, that i’ve found at tranquil space!

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  1. leah

    August 4, 2010 at 2:27pm

    I second that! Great post, K!

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