teacher feature – todd dubenezic

wow, is it just me or has it been hot this summer? yes! weather likes this makes me want to jump in a pool. something i’ve been fortunate to do a lot this summer.

those of you who are familiar with ayurveda (the sister science to yoga focused on medicine) will know that there are 3 doshas. dosha means defect or that which tends to go out of balance. we all have one dosha that is more prominent but we are affected by all 3. the pitta dosha is comprised of the elements of fire and water. in the heat it’s easier for people with a lot of pita energy to get overheated. i’ve been listening to my body and have changed my life to adjust to the hot weather we have been having.

i love to take and teach fast flowing and physically demanding yoga classes where i get to test my capabilities and see what’s possible. in these classes i get really hot and sweaty. due to the heat this summer i have brought in more meditation and slower flow yoga classes into my practice. when i do get hot in terms of my temper i’ve been able to recognize what’s happening and take some cooling action. this has been extremely powerful for me and something i’ve been sharing with my students.

i’ve been eating soy ice cream too which is an indulgence i love on a hot day. with ice cream or any indulgence i know i need to find balance. it’s great to indulge once in a while and i know that my actions have consequences so i mindfully make choices to bring balance into my lifestyle. this is a great lesson for life off the yoga mat.

yoga teaches us that we all have an inner teacher within us. sometimes it just takes slowing down a little so that we can hear that voice and follow the wisdom within us.

please wear sun screen and stay cool!



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