retail survey results

the results from our first ever retail survey are in. thanks to all who participated. this information will inform our upcoming buying trip in new york and reorders in the future.

more than 70% of you said that yoga gear (mats, bags, clothing) was your favorite category of merchandise followed by women’s clothing and books. over 90% responded that you would not purchase non-yoga clothing.
one of the goals of the boutique is to be a gift giving destination and 66% of all survey participants would absolutely purchase a gift in the boutique.
it’s great to know that 75% of survey participants read the boutique blog posts. 56% of you read the holiday gift guide. we hope to revamp the gift guide this year and make it even better this season. the shock was that only 12% responded that they had made a purchase after reading about it on the blog. how can we change that?
we asked readers to let us know where else they purchase yoga related items. the overwhelming response was lululemon. some asked to carry their items in the boutique. unfortunately, we are unable to do so because they have their own retail locations. many of our shoppers purchase merchandise online at various retailers.
many things are taken into consideration when it comes to the choices of items that we carry in the boutique. this includes order minimums, cost, display, and feedback from you. we are always looking for unique, eco friendly merchandise. this may include individuals or new companies with great products that align with our philosophy.
we listen to our customers and affordability is on the top of the list. suggestions come in all the time for new products but, if we feel the price will be too high, it may not make it onto our shelves. one reason we no longer stock be present shorts for men is that too many guys did not want to spend that much on shorts. we continue to try other avenues and look at the results.
we have chosen the 10 lucky winners who get to choose from a goodie bag of boutique offerings. they will be contacted this week.
later this month i will be attending the new york international gift fair. i will be posting daily about all the wonderful things i have seen and hope to get our readers feedback. be sure to send your comments so that you can help be the ‘buyer’ of the boutique.

this month’s boutique pick:

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