july asana of the month: one leg folded back pose

each month we choose a pose to focus on in each class through strong attention to alignment, variations, and/or modifications as a way to grow and expand our yogic horizons.

in this posture, the “trianga” (the “three limbs, or parts thereof”) are the feet, knees, and buttocks. the term “mukhaikapada” (a compound of three words, mukha = face, eka = one, and pāda = leg or foot) corresponds to the face (or mouth) touching one (extended) leg. in paschimottanasana, the entire back of the body is stretched intensely. according to bks iyengar’s light on yoga, trianga mukhaikapada paschimottanasana tones the abdominal organs and keeps them free from sluggishness, and also helps keep the abdominal muscles in shape.

trianga mukhaikapada paschimottanasana (three-limbed forward bend):
trianga = hree-limbs (or parts thereof)
mukha = face
eka = one
pada = leg or foot

benefits (according to light on yoga):
* recommended for persons suffering from dropped arches and flat feet
* cures sprains in the ankle and knee, and any swelling in the leg is reduced
* tones the abdominal organs and keeps them free from sluggishness

* may be contraindicated for certain individuals with back pain
* knee or ankle injury

preparatory poses:
supta padangustasana
janu sirsasana

song that most comes to mind while in the posture:
garbage’s “tell me where it hurts”

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