from the spa at tranquil space

some say it is therapy and some say it is wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. it is both and more. it is pregnancy massage and it is offered at the spa at tranquil space. the benefits of a massage during pregnancy are numerous: they range from stress reduction, to decreases in swelling of the fingers, hands, and feet to relief from pain in the back and hips.

there is also the emotional support that a pregnant woman receives from a massage that is invaluable. in addition to her body changing, the hormones of a new mom to be are constantly cycling. touch, especially by someone who is trained to understand both the physiological and emotional changes happening, can helps to alleviate anxiety, stress and promote real relaxation.

at tranquil space, we have mom lie on her side on a massage table with comfy pillows supporting her. we massage her in a sidelying position so she is most comfortable and we have access to her entire body. afterwards we reposition her into a reclining-like position so we can work on her neck, shoulders, head and face. this also gives her a chance to lie on her back without any risk to the baby – something she may be missing.

massage is one of nature’s true pleasures, but medically researchers have found that massage during pregnancy has concrete health benefits. dr. tiffany fields has studied the effects of massage during pregnancy and has reported that pregnant women slept better at night, suffered less back pain, had a drecreased production of the stress hormone coritsol, and reduced the likelihood of premature delivery.

barbara jazzo is a licensed and certified massage therapist with over 16 years practical experience. she currently teaches infant and pregnancy massage classes for the childbirth education department at george washington university hospital and georgetown hospital. she is responsible for training the nurses at the gw newborn intensive care unit in pre-term massage and exercise. she can be reached by email at

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