yoga helps create compassionate towards the body

through yoga, you can re- create a relationship with the body. in each pose, your attention is drawn not to how you look in your tights, but to whether you feel tight hamstrings or an imbalance in the alignment of your hips. yoga, “helps you have an objective awareness of the body.”

“it’s very here, very now, how you stand on the earth, how the position of the body feels on the mat,” says sell, a certified anusara yoga instructor. “if you’re focusing on the immediacy of the body’s sensations and the steadiness of the breath, then the attention rests inside the body as it is, rather than in the mind and its projections and images about what is.”

“getting that mental focus to pay attention to what’s going on with the body helps you to get in touch from the inside out, once you get control of the body, and of finding the right muscles to put the body into the positions, you realize you can control other things in life.”

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michell stanley, lcsw

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