yogi of the month – mark bussow

i first stepped onto a yoga mat over seven years ago, desperate to find some form of exercise that could help me get into shape as i found myself unexpectedly alone and depressed after the end of a ten-year relationship. to the hip tunes of a mtv yoga dvd, i painfully learned that i could hardly bend over to my knees. after the first five minutes i sat in a sweaty heap silently watching, unable to keep up with even the simplest moves, let alone the cheery dispositions. but there was something that peaked my intellectual curiosity, and unlike gyms and running which had been abandoned after the first attempt, i rolled my mat out again the next morning and hit play.

i have stepped back onto my mat nearly every day since. breathe by breath and pose by pose, i saw the pounds come off. i dreaded the thought of what each cheeseburger would feel like the next morning as i twisted and turned, so began eating better. my more destructive habits, partying, drinking and smoking, became easier to control, and finally quit altogether. i could stay focused at work, and i slowly became less confrontational. when i met and married melissa, a fellow yogi, my life seemed complete. for the first time, i felt happy.

practicing day after day is never easy, even when the benefits are so clear. i feel so fortunate now to have found tranquil space, surrounded by people i both admire and enjoy, in a space where i feel at home. each day, the studio makes the first step of getting to my mat easier. from there, a life’s practice unfolds.


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  1. JR

    June 1, 2010 at 4:07pm

    Brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

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