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this week i packed up the office that i have occupied for the past five years. as i do in nearly every situation, i thought of how this would be different without the benefit of my yoga practice. although we often think on non-attachment in relation to thoughts or feelings, i also think this a practical approach to physical things. i used to be much more likely to hold on to objects that i “might need someday.” yoga helps me think critically before i file yet another piece of paper. i was surprised that five years fit so easily into just four crates, but i know that the things i have learned and accomplished in this time goes beyond physical things. i am looking forward to continuing my job in a brand new space with minimal clutter and i have to think the movers will also appreciate my dedication to non-attachment.

One thought on “teacher feature – alison wadhwani

  1. Kelly

    June 1, 2010 at 2:13pm

    Hi Alison, Thanks for the inspiration to clean up my desk today! I applaud your non-attachment! xo

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