1 tennis ball + wall = massage

our modern lives tend to get us all creaky. sitting in a chair, typing away on the computer, holding a phone to your ear using your shoulder and side of your face; sound familiar? then there is also the simply act of sleeping which if you fall asleep the wrong way you can wake up with a crick in your neck or upper back. a couple of weeks ago that is what happened to me and boy does it hurt.

ideally setting up a full massage would be the thing to do but when you can’t quite wing that, find yourself a tennis ball + wall = relief. you put the tennis ball where your feeling the knot and lean against the wall letting the tennis ball work on the knot. now i won’t say this is totally a pleasant experience while you are rolling the ball but it does help to relieve it. kind of like a lot of yoga poses, you might feel totally miserable while you are there but ahh relief once you come out.

the beauty here is you can keep a tennis ball in your desk and work out some tightness when you need a quick fix. those tennis balls are also great for a foot massage while you sit at your desk too.

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