yogi of the month – mary catherine starr

when i moved to washington, dc last august, one of my first “to-dos” was to find a yoga studio. three days after arriving i visited tranquil space, and i haven’t looked back since! from the day that i walked into the dupont studio, i have felt welcomed, nurtured, and cared for by the tranquil space community. since then, tranquil space has become a calm getaway and a refuge for me—it has become my home-away-from-home in a new city. after becoming a member and going through tt1 and tt2 at tranquil space, i can’t think of another place that has taught me as much about myself, my practice, teaching yoga, and taking yoga “off of the mat” as tranquil space has during the 8 months that i have been taking classes here. i don’t know how i would have made this difficult life transition without tranquil space, but am so thankful that the studio’s community has been here for me while i have adjusted. thank you, tranquil space! i am honored to be yogi of the month at a place that means so much to me :) namaste!

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