tranquilology: inspiration in the everyday

“an authentic life is the most personal form of worship.

Inspiration (and tranquility) can be found in our every day if we’ll only slow down a bit to savor it. Ponder letting your life be an ongoing prayer – similar to vinyasa which I love to think of as a moving meditation.

When I am seeking a dose of inspiration sprinkled creativity, I will gravitate toward creating a collage. This image above is of two file folders I covered with images that appealed – yoga, style, color, yummy food, Paris, and simple pleasures. Taking the time to nurture my creative spirit always puts a skip into my step and beckons me to dream.

Where do you find inspiration? How can it become a regular part of your routine so that you can find a little more tranquility during your busy day? Does your lifestyle reflect authenticity? Here is a non-exhaustive list of ways I like to find inspiration:

Farmer’s markets
Flower stands
Browsing the travel section
Sipping tea
Reading the Sunday paper
Curling up with a beloved 4-legged friend
Walking through the woods
Donning a beloved accessory
Strolling through a museum
Penning a blog post
People watching at a sidewalk cafe
Mind mapping
Lighting a candle
Doing sun salutations
Choosing groceries
Writing in my journal
Listening to live music

Inspiration surrounds us in colors, scents, and special touches. Infuse your home with a bouquet of yellow tulips. Frame a favorite postcard and display it in your office. Light lavender incense. Add edible flowers such as pansies to tonight’s salad. Consider taking a day trip to New York City to frolick in central park, eat raw food, and get your yoga on.

Let your imagination be your guide as you explore your authentic life as a form of worship. Inspiration abounds, if only you will take a moment to bask in it.

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