team player of the month – brooke hafner

the winds of change are blowing for me this month.
i like to imagine it will be like a nice breeze, but knowing me, it will be more like a hurricane, leaving me looking like a crazy woman.

ah, well.

at the month’s end i will be packing up and heading north to baltimore, where i hope to begin the furtherance of my education. at the moment i am looking at a masters in herbal medicine, or perhaps a naturopathic medicine program. i will be leaving the position of spa manager in the capable hands of ms. siobhan troy-carranza, but will continue to offer massage on fridays. i am excited for the transition, and glad that i can keep a toe in the ts community for a little while longer.

so while i will continue to see many of you on and off the mat and the massage table, just in case we miss each other in the ebb and flow, i have some gratitude to send to everyone:

thanks for being part of the glue that has held me together these past couple of years. thank you for smiles, jokes, non-sequiturs and compliments, for helping find my keys, and for keeping an eye on my son. thank you for cups of coffee, chocolate in the morning, sage advice, bear hugs and sweet emails, for nurturing massages and treatments, and for fantastic classes. thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
thanks for the love, and thanks for laughing with (and often at) me. that’s always my favorite :)


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