self-care week: more than coming into the spa

april 12-18 the spa presents self-care week, offering the community an opportunity to visit our spa and try out our services at a discount. but self care isn’t limited to a visit to the spa, and most of us, with our crazy schedules, could use some more pampering in our lives. here are some non-spa things you can do on your own to add a little self-care to your everyday schedule:

30 minutes: find a way to add 30 minutes of extra “you” time to your day. you deserve to make more time in your day to breathe, so whether you set your alarm 30 minutes early to allow your morning to unfold a little slower or to enjoy some quiet time before the bustle of the day is in full swing, or you divide it up throughout the day (a few minutes onto your lunch break, a few onto your run, and a few to linger over dinner)–take some more time (it’s there!) to enjoy.

get outside: true, too much sun is not good, but no sun and no fresh air is not ideal either, especially this time of year! can you take a quick walk or enjoy your lunch or morning coffee/tea outside? can you sip that glass of wine or lemonade with the kids on the porch? hey, the mosquitoes have yet to arrive…lounge while you can!

drink water! this is the simplest way to pamper your body: everything functions at a greater level when the body is hydrated. You know the process a grape goes through to become a raisin? the same thing happens to organs and tissue when you are dehydrated. gross. drink up!

pick up a tennis ball: this is a very helpful tool between massages, no matter how great that amount of time may be. roll the ball under the arch of your foot, lean against it on a wall and roll it up and down in the space between your shoulder blades and your vertebral column to ease upper back stress, or sit on it, positioning it on the glutes or around the sacrum for combating hip pain.

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