karma kids yoga comes to ts

tranquil space is once again hosting karma kids yoga teacher training this summer. this is a fun training for yoga teachers, school teachers, and anyone who loves working with children.  the training runs june 25 – june 27 at our dupont location.  get more info and sign up here.

teacher training certification will cover:
•the benefits of yoga for children
• child-friendly yoga poses, games, themes, stories, breathing and relaxation exercises and visualization techniques – over 350 poses and games!
• partner and group yoga poses and yoga games, for kids and families
• creative ways to help build confidence, trust, teamwork, focus, concentration, and a sense of calm to get kids to relax and develop self-control
• developing a yoga class that is fun, safe, effective and engaging for toddlers through teens
• incorporating props, music, art, stories, and age-appropriate themes into children’s yoga classes, birthday parties, and special events
• teaching with confidence and creativity, patience and acceptance, with an open heart and an open mind
• balancing the need for structure and freedom within each class
• harnessing the energy in the room and being in the moment

• tips for teaching yoga to children that support a fair, non-competitive environment
• tools for dealing with restlessness and behavior challenges in a class
• developmental considerations and cautions for toddlers through teens; understanding where they are in their lives
• how to successfully encourage and talk to children; how to communicate and inspire
• how to give positive and constructive feedback
• an opportunity to develop and present your own yoga class incorporating your own creative ideas
• how to monitor kid trends
• bringing out the child within you and having fun!

experience our interactive yoga asanas, yoga with songs, art, stories, games, musical instruments, puppets, visualization and relaxation techniques for a successful children’s yoga class. over 350 yoga poses and games!

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