yoga on a budget

yoga is worth a lot to many of us and committing to your practice often means committing monetarily as well as making the time in your schedule. but fitting yoga into a tight budget can be a challenge. when i first started practicing yoga as a recent college graduate working at a nonprofit, both time and money were tight, but i felt like i got a lot out of my yoga practice from peace of mind to regular exercise. how do you fit yoga in on a tight budget?

tranquil space offers some classes with yogis on a budget in mind. check out our $5 class every tuesday at 8:45pm (come early to save your spot!). also the yoga on-the-go classes are $14 for a drop in and 2nd sunday karma workshops are donation based. if you want to practice more regularly our membership is $125/month ($10.41 per class if you come 3 times a week!) or you can check out kimberly’s practice cd and do extra practices at home. tranquil space also occasionally hires studio help who receive yoga as one of the benefits for working here (email if you are interested).

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