the bethesda studio

after five wonderful years in bethesda, tranquil space bethesda will be closing on sunday, march 14, 2010. this decision was carefully considered and we have decided to not renew our lease. we have seen growth in our tranquil space community in the metro area which has been very exciting and i will always cherish the memories and the people of the past five years.

life brings us many journeys, challenges, and many paths to choose. our paths cross others sometimes for a brief moment and sometimes for many years but everyone of those people touch our lives. many of you have touched my life more than you realize and i have learned so much from you that it can be hard to truly describe my gratitude. i hope that my path will continue to cross with yours and if not my hope is that i have been able to help you along your path.

i will continue to teach at dupont and look forward to seeing where my new path takes me, who i get to share it with and the new faces i will meet along the way. as the saying goes it is not the destination but the journey along the way. these past five years that have taught me so much about myself, my relationships, my strengths and weaknesses and while we move into our final few weeks i hope you will celebrate the journey we have shared together.

with much love and gratitude,


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