team player of the month – siobhan troy-carranza

this title is reserved for members of our team who embody the tranquil space values, excel in their role at the studio, and have a passion for their practice.

my life has been linked to tranquil space for almost nine years now and in that time my life has seen many changes. tranquil space has always been my safe haven to allow my yoga practice grow and that in turn gave me the opportunity to grow as a person. yoga and especially the teaching of yoga keeps me humble because i usually discover something new about the practice or myself that makes me ask why? why do we hate some poses and love others? why do we struggle with some poses? the answer is not always what we want to hear but it is usually what we need to hear. but if we don’t feel safe (ties into our first chakra of those basic life needs being met) then we won’t truly be able to hear the question let alone the answer.

when kimberly answered the phone nine years ago, what i liked was that she was very friendly, warm and had a very welcoming tone in her voice. i still get that feeling when i walk in the door today and i have been very fortunate to not only have been a witness of the growth of tranquil space but to have been a be part of it too. i have learned and still do learn so much from my students, my fellow teachers, my fellow team members, and my practice that i am very thankful to all for helping me find my tranquil space.


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