march muse: blooming within

“i change myself, i change the world”
~ gloria anzaldua

welcome to the long anticipated return of daffodils to washington, dc. this time of the year offers us a chance to focus on what is blooming within.

during a workshop this weekend on mindfulness in the workplace, the facilitator recommended hitting the reset button throughout the day by taking a nap, going for a walk, and checking in with yourself. i love this idea. when i used to work downtown, around 3pm i’d hit the vending machine looking for a pick-me-up (usually in the form of a butterfinger). if only i’d had these tools instead. think of spring as a chance to hit a big ol’ reset button.

pull out your journal, meditation cushion, or yoga mat and spend some time reflecting on areas in your life that feel stagnant. it’s spring and the perfect time for growth. for example, how long have you been complaining about your job, relationship, or living situation? what small steps can you take to begin making changes in these areas? or is the shift needed simply a change in attitude and perspective? where do you sense a desire for something more? color outside the lines and bring your dreams to life.

being a yogi is to be mindful of actions on a larger scale — a more global view. how can you assist in a continuation of freedom for all beings? for example, donate to a favorite non-profit, volunteer at a domestic violence or homeless shelter, try meatless mondays, adopt an animal, start a green blog, read a book about an inspiring personality, mentor a colleague, participate in a big sister program, head a fundraiser that supports a cause close to your heart, or create a community for like-minded people.

may march shower you with an activist attitude for improving those areas that aren’t at full potential, both individually and globally. let’s use march to bloom what has been dormant and germinating below the surface all winter. after all, it’s been quite the winter.

blooming with you,
kimberly wilson

One thought on “march muse: blooming within

  1. Anonymous

    March 3, 2010 at 1:26pm

    Thanks Kimberly for the inspiration to bloom this season. Right now I am in Santiago Chile for an exchange program and experienced my first earthquake. I am going to my yoga practice and to your blog to find some sense and peace inside all. I miss my days as an studio assistant at tranquil space, but what I learned there I still carry with me and helps me to deal with challenges and opportunities that life brings. A big Abrazo from this puertorican that sends all her love and blessings. Los quiere mucho, Anet

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