in search of help with your personal goals? try wellness consulting!

are you on your 3rd diet of the new year and still struggling to lose weight?

do you come home at night from work exhausted, drained and frustrated with your job?

is it really difficult for you to find the time to exercise and take care of yourself?

if any of these scenarios apply to you – don’t give up.

you are a complete whole person capable of creating a life that you absolutely love but maybe you need a little assistance. that’s where wellness consulting can help.

a wellness consultant collaborates with you to look at your big picture and assists you in unlocking your potential. together you will set goals and a clear path to help you achieve what is important to you.

wellness consultants are not doctors, therapists or psychologists. they are there to help you focus on the present moment and provide guidance and support while you are focusing on your path. they catch you if you falter, assit you in finding your feet and set you on your way.

they are your personal ally and supporter. if you have had setbacks achieving your goals in the past a wellness consultant can help you change that.

if you think you might benefit from a wellness consultant please contact gina ( and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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