helping women helps the world

karma yoga alert – here’s an opportunity for you to join with other tranquil space yogis to make a difference in the world!

join our team for the unifem/usnc walk to end violence against women and girls on april 18th. the 5k walk will begin in rosslyn and then wind through dc to dupont circle, all to accomplish two crucial goals:

- raising money for unifem’s efforts toward advancing women’s rights and achieving gender equality worldwide
- showing support for the international violence against women act (i-vawa) currently before congress

did you know that helping women in developing areas benefits their entire communities?

- according to freedom from hunger, improving one woman’s economic condition positively impacts 4.5 additional family members, on average.
- as noted by the center for global development, better-educated mothers tend to have healthier children.
- a world bank study showed that societies with gender inequality suffer from slower economic growth.

so no matter your gender, supporting women is an investment in making the world a better place!

click for more information or to register for the walk.

(you’ll receive instructions on how to join the tranquil space team once you’ve completed registration.)

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