boutiue spotlight: dogeared jewels & gifts

by now, you may have seen my blog posts about a new jewelry line named dogeared and felt my excitement for it to arrive in the boutique. well, the jewelry is here and the response from customers has been equally enthusiastic.

we begin our journey with the chakra gemstone necklaces. all seven major chakra centers are represented by semi-precious stones and hang on an 18 inch sterling silver chain. a three step process to wearing the necklaces. step 1, wear the chakra necklace. step 2, clear chakra. step 3, breathe out.

what goes around, comes around and you’ll be receiving great compliments while wearing this lovely necklace. be reminded that what you give out comes back to you. choose between the small ring or larger textured ring.

finally dogeared takes one single pearl on a small link chain to represent the best within you. just like you, pearls grow slowly, building layer upon layer to become an example of nature’s beauty. be inspired by the pearls humble beginnings as a grains of sand and be an inspiration to others.

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