yogi of the month – linette hwu

this title is reserved for yogis who have shown a strong dedication to their practice, are enthusiastic about their growth, and enjoy sharing it with others.

i was a lapsed yogi when i first came to tranquil space in the summer of 2004, but something about that first class with peg inspired me to recommit myself to yoga, and i’m so glad i did. since then, yoga has become a bigger and more important part of my life than it ever was, and i give tranquil space the lion’s share of the credit for that. even more than the strength and flexibility that i build in my body with each passing day, i appreciate the ability that yoga has given me (an admitted type-a washingtonian) to be present and to let go (though i also admit that i have to remind myself every once in a while that yoga was created to make it possible for people to sit in meditation for longer). i so value and am grateful for the tranquil space community and its diversity, encouragement and experimentation, generosity, knowledge, spirit of fun, thoughtfulness, warm-heartedness — i could go on forever! namaste.

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