yogi of the month – laura cohn

i started going to tranquil space back when kimberly taught classes at a church on 16th street. at the time, i was looking to reduce my work-induced stress. not being particularly athletic (or even remotely coordinated), i thought twisting myself into yoga poses would be so challenging that i would forget about work. given my limited athletic prowess, that turned out to be true. what i didn’t expect was what came next. in the years since, the teachers at tranquil space have not only helped me master my down dog, they’ve provided an oasis of calm in this go-go, rushed world. in the end, i’ve found myself addicted to not just the regular yoga classes, but also the workshops, the 7 a.m. sessions, the pre-natal classes, and, best of all, the baby-and-me program. whether done at a church or at a swanky new studio, yoga at tranquil space will help you find a tranquil space.

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