what brings you tranquility?

at a recent meeting with our fabulous front desk team, i asked everyone to bring a show and tell item that brings them tranquility. they brought journals, colored pencils, photographs, and even a guitar. it was touching to see the many ways in which we find our own tranquil space. my beloved item was a pink mug that i picked up at einstein bagels in 2005 that i take with me everywhere. it has a faded breast cancer logo on the side and oodles of dings.

while holed up at home during the blizzard with a random case of low, low energy (definitely not my norm), i took photos of a few items that surrounded me and brought tranquility: 4-legged friends, flowers, candles, warm fire, bows, colorful paint, pink knitting needles.

what brings *you* tranquility?


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