tranquil space in new york!

winter is still here, but nothing makes me feel warmer than shopping! kimberly and i made a quick trip up to new york city for the first of our buying trips. what a great combo, new york and shopping!

we got to see our favorite vendors and some of their new products and also stocked up on your favorites. some of the new products include single serving sampler of tea forte’s loose tea. a new scent of the soaps, lotions and bath salts and new body oils from the new and popular line lotus love beauty.

the lovely papaya company has a plethora of new merchandise, like fabulous oil cloth totes, post card tins, new card designs, dateless planners and more water bottles.

paddywax have introduced their garden crush line of candles. celebrate spring with scents inspired by flowers, including peony, sweet pea and geranium. the bright tins will bring color and light to any space.

now let’s get to the exciting part, the new stuff! i’m so excited about all the new vendors and our customer’s reaction.

last year at the show, kimberly and i were over the moon about bittersweet designs. kimberly just about died for their long necklaces. (they are so her)

their booth was just heavenly. the displays and merchandise totally fit the vibe in our boutique. we are so glad to bring some of their lovely items to you. the vintage adjustable rings are sure to be a hit, as well as their glittery hand made journals.

another new line is dogeared jewels and gifts. fab-u-lous! fashionable jewelry and great gifts are a mainstay for this adorable line.

we picked up a few of the necklaces that coincide with the chakras and single pearl necklaces are a cute addition to any girls accesories. dogeared was just featured on the today show.

scarves are all the rage. they make any outfit pop with color and keep the neck warm in a chilly environment. hold onto your winter scarves for now, but keep your eye open for the new arrivals that will get you noticed on the street or anywhere you may be. fun colors will accent jeans or an elegant dress.

keeping with the accesories, i can’t wait to see the ribbon bracelets that we discovered in new york from new vendor love, me. the bracelet is made from colorful ribbon and have cute charms. how adorable does that sound? sorry i don’t have a picture to share. trust me they are sooooo cute!

items will be coming in very soon and trickle in through mid march. i hope that my excitement spreads to all of you.

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