team player of the month – daria gasparini

this title is reserved for members of our team who embody the tranquil space values, excel in their role at the studio, and have a passion for their practice.

over the years, the people i’ve met and worked with as a tranquil space yogi and as a studio assistant in arlington have inspired me and given me the confidence to try new things. the most recent example of this was last month when i was privileged to attend tranquil space teacher training level i.

i was apprehensive about signing up, as my thoughts weren’t toward teaching and my practice would hardly be described as remarkable in any way. but since i started practicing yoga, i’ve mainly treated it as exercise. knowing that that this just brushes the surface, i thought participating in teacher training would introduce me to other – spiritual and mental – benefits.

despite my hesitations, it was a remarkable weekend full of new experiences and challenges. the teachers were generous in their (seemingly limitless) knowledge and patience and my “classmates” were a great group of wonderful, supportive yogis.

looking forward to the year ahead, i know it will be a time of change, with hard decisions, leaps of faith, and wonderful surprises. i hope to take the knowledge i learned at tranquil space teacher training – as well as the encouragement and motivation from teachers and classmates – to handle these transitions with mindfulness and joy.

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