teacher feature – abby strunk

i do not know when yoga shifted from a physical practice to something that fed my soul. i honestly can’t even recall if it was a matter of days, months or even years. all i know is there came a time when i began to feel the transformative effects of yoga on my mind, my body and my spirit.

once i acknowledged that transition, i began to explore my practice more deeply. after two straight years of taking yoga 1 once a week, i experimented with yoga 2. after realizing that i could survive yoga 2, i carved time into my schedule to attend more than one class a week. and then, i even made my way into yoga 3 (in the back of the room of course!) eventually, i decided to take the first level of teacher training. i was thoroughly intimidated. i did not have what i thought was an “advanced enough practice.” three straight weekends of yoga training where i would go from student to teacher – what was i thinking!? but every day when i showed up on my mat, i knew i was exactly where i was supposed to be. and so, taking the second level of teacher training was the obvious next step. i had found my path.

seven years later, yoga has benefited my life in so many ways. it has carried me through significant loss. it has introduced me to the warm and nurturing community that is tranquil space. it has helped me become more aware of my body and what it needs to sustain itself. it has connected me to my breath. it is currently helping me through an overwhelming career transition. and, most important, it is allowing me to give the gift of yoga to my students.

wherever you are on your path, i encourage you to be open to wherever yoga is taking you.

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