snow bound

like many in the area i am stuck at home.  being trapped inside (with some brief excursions for snow angels and tramps through the snow) can be a good time for overdue tasks, cleaning out closets, blog writing, etc.  but it can also be a good time for reflection and slowing down.  a cute npr story that ran last week ends with the idea of a winter storm as a gift of time.  time to spend with your family and friends and yourself. i like this idea and invite you all to sip some tea (or hot chocolate) and enjoy the time.  if you can’t make it to tranquil space class today roll out your yoga mat at home and do a practice of your own  (garudasana arms and gentle back bends can feel great on all those sore shoveling back and shoulder muscles!). maybe spend some time journaling or take a hot bath.  spend some extra time with kids or give a call to someone you haven’t talked to for awhile.  what are your ideas for using the time mother nature has given us?

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