idle moments

“the limitless, simplicity of day to day living holds everything i think i’m missing.”
- danna faulds

this is a quote from a poem, “everything i think i’m missing,” that i love to read as it reminds us that while we are wishing we were someplace else, doing something else (like those bumper stickers, i wish i was fishing) distracts us from the fact that what is happening right now is something we are suppose to experience. the day to day stuff may not be exciting, at least not all the time, but it is what we are to learn from at that moment. the day to day stuff can be the hardest things to learn from because it may seem to be so unimportant. but how we react to what is right in front of us is probably the things that challenge us the most.

but there is also getting bogged down in the details. how do we know when it is best to put our head down and just move forward and when it is best to sit back and look at the big picture? that for me is a hard question since it so depends on what is going on. my easy answer is when i have my teacher hat on there is only that moment while i am teaching and while i am assisting the person that is standing/sitting/flying/balancing in front of me. it is actually a peaceful time for my mind as it is very easy for me to stay in that moment.

when i am not teaching there is the struggle between needing to take care of those day to day details and on how i want my big picture to look. or even when do i find the time to dream and plan my big picture. i have glimpses of what i want in the big picture but like many of us i have many plates juggling in the air which constantly pulls me and you away from that time to dream. i use to be really good about putting out to the universe what i would like to see happen in my future. recently i have wondered what happened to that part of me? and part of the answer is i have gotten bogged down in the details.

as many of us have probably done at some point whether because of a job, children or taking care of parent/relative we lose ourselves. it is almost like we are too much in the moment that we forget or don’t take the time to idle. that idle time is how we can recharge so that we can appreciate the simplicity of the day to day.

i can relate this to being on the mat especially when i am teaching someone a challenging pose, i can always tell when they are bogged down by the details. the pose and their body is too tense not to mention they can’t find the balance or even get up into a pose like pincha mayurasana (forearm stand). they are so focused on getting both legs up and/or focusing on the form of the pose. while if they take a moment beforehand to just pause, envision what they want to see happen, then take a breath and let go of all thought. when they take a moment to just be idle with their breath they progress in the pose.

that moment to be idle is what we need to clear the clutter in the mind. then we can be truly present in the moment and recieve everything we think we are missing.

many blessings & idle moments,

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