get your yoga mudra swing on

Yoga Mudra Swing

How to
Begin in a stable standing position that is evenly rooted on both feet (mountain pose). Inhale, hook your thumbs, reach your arms forward and up toward the sky as you take a gentle backbend. Gaze toward your thumbs, scoop your tailbone, and round your upper and middle back slightly. Keep your lower back long without rounding and draw your tailbone toward your pubic bone. Activate your legs by lifting your kneecaps.

Exhale, bend your knees, interlace your hands, and sweep your arms over your head as you fold forward. Bring your clasped hands toward the floor and straighten your legs if it feels comfortable. If not, keep a slight bend in the knees to release any lower back tension. Continue this movement back and forth with your breath. Inhale into your gentle backbend, exhale into your forward fold. Repeat 5-20 times and relish in the awakening that this forward and backward movement of the spine generates.

This pose strengthens your spine, opens your heart center, awakens your shoulders, and lengthens your hamstrings. Also, it provides a connection to the breath with gentle and fluid movement.

Practice this yoga mudra swing during your yoga practice, by taking a mini break from a laborious meeting, or when getting ready to hit the slopes.

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