bethesda yogi of the month

samantha mazo

samantha started the practice of yoga in the spring of 2007, shortly after the death of her beloved grandfather. she was grieving, and one of her friends suggested that she try yoga. samantha and then boyfriend (and now sweet husband) alex lived right around the corner from the old tranquil space studio on p street. but for years, she had come up with excuses not to try yoga – the class times didn’t work, yoga wasn’t “hard enough,” it would be too hot, she wouldn’t know what to do and would get in people’s way. but one evening, she decided to overcome her concerns, heed her friend’s recommendation and try yoga at tranquil space.

it does sound cliche, but that one class really changed her life. the first change was physical. as a figure skater growing up and currently an avid runner, hiker, and skier, samantha had suffered from ankle, knee and hip pain for years. in fact, she had stopped running altogether for a year because of the pain. but after one class, one pigeon pose actually, her knee pain basically went away. and this (and other pain) has basically dissipated since she started the practice. samantha now trains fro and runs in five or six long distance races (10 miles and half marathones) a year. his is something she never could have done without yoga. the second change was emotional. since starting the practice, samantha has become more introspective and generally calmer (although her husband may not always agree). the practice was and continues to be respite from the stresses of her daily life as a zoning and land use attorney. moreover, consistent practice of yoga helped to balance her life during stressful periods such as planning her wedding and changing jobs.

samantha cannot imagine her life without the practice of yoga. she tries to make it to tranquil space as often as she can – and with the bethesda studio across the street from her office and the dupont studio just10 minutes away from her home – she really has no excuse not to make class. she is constantly impressed with how yoga has made her stronger and more flexible. she is indebted to all of the instructors who have guided her in her practice. but she is especially grateful to andrea creel, lauren borchard, siobhan, and anne thiel for their assists and advice. samantha looks forward to continuing to be an active part of the tranquil space community.

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