bethesda team player of the month

anne thiel

whenever in the past i heard teachers thank their students and say that they are their greatest inspiration, i have thought, “yeah, right, whatever.” but having picked up more classes in the past several months and often teaching as much in one week as i would have in one month in the past, i have to the realization that this is true.

there are days when i make my way to the studio and think i have nothing new to say, nothing inspiring to offer, nothing worthwhile to teach, the students i encounter prove me wrong. their inquisitiveness, their focus and receptivity, their questions, their constructive feedback and their gratitude is something i can engage with, can have a dialogue with and – lo and behold – all of a sudden there is a class, there is something to say, an inspiring realization to share, something interesting to teach.

so, thank you, dear ts bethesda students, you are my greatest inspiration!


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