mid-winter healing

explore the subtle lunar aspects of vinyasa. discover the healing subtleties of chandra vinyasa including restorative yoga and pranayama. all yogis are welcome to enroll.

friday, january 22nd
6:30-9:30pm- restorative yoga- siobhan troy-carranza
saturday, january 23rd
11-2pm- pranayama easter vs. western view with kristin leal
2:30-4:30pm- breath and the relaxation response with kristin leal
5:30-8:30- exploring the chakras with pary williamson
sunday, january 24th
10-1pm- kriya yoga with kristin leal
2-5pm- the essentials of assisting with siobhan-troy carranza

testimonials about kristen leal:
“kristin is wonderful. she provides unique insights into the history and philosophy of yoga, and does so with humor and grace.”

“without judgment, kristin invites others to broaden their perspectives about the practice of yoga beyond the mat to the practice of daily life. her years of experience allow her to make heady concepts easily accessible, and her warm spirit assures students that she practices what she teaches. kristin passionately illustrates the depth of the philosophy in ways that help students deeply enrich their own paths!”

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